What Medical Specialties Have the Best Lifestyle?

Among medical students, physical medical and rehabilitation specialties tend to be the best options, according to a new study. The study asked participants about their lifestyle expectations and satisfaction with their specialty choice. While there were a number of factors that influenced the survey results, there was no significant difference in the ratings of any of the 18 specialties by age, gender, or having a child. Physical medical and rehabilitation, pediatrics, and orthopedics were rated as the best options by both men and women.

The most fulfilling specialties for physicians vary widely. Some are more stressful than others, depending on their training, staff, reputation, and pay. It’s best to ask other doctors about their experiences in different specialties to get a better idea of what kind of lifestyle they can expect. It’s also important to choose a medical career that you enjoy – some doctors have quit their chosen specialties to pursue a family-friendly lifestyle.

The average salary for physicians in infectious disease is $274,000 per year. On average, physicians in this field work 53 hours a week. However, they make $92 per hour. Since the field of infectious diseases is expanding rapidly, doctors in this field are typically involved in public health. This job satisfaction is closely linked to the amount of time spent on health and wellness. A physician in this field can expect to earn well beyond the average wage for their specialty.

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