How Frequently Do I Have to Go to College in Distance Learning?

If you are thinking about getting your degree online, you may be wondering how often you need to attend college. The answer depends on you. If you used to attend traditional college study sessions, you probably have a set schedule. If you are doing your distance learning coursework, you may want to follow that schedule as well. If you are taking online classes, make sure to check if the school you choose is accredited.

While you may not have to go to class regularly, distance learning does allow you to complete your coursework whenever and wherever you want. The convenience of this type of education allows you to save on fuel, child care, and books. Additionally, because you will not be required to physically attend college, you’ll likely be able to complete your course in less time than if you attended traditional classes. Plus, distance education will save you money, because you’ll be able to get a degree online without having to spend a fortune on tuition.

While online students and professors are likely to interact the same way, you may have to be more proactive. Introduce yourself to instructors before class and attend office hours if offered. The workload for an online class may be lighter than it is in traditional classes, but both types require a similar amount of study time. Most online learners spend fifteen to 20 hours a week on coursework, while those taking a heavier course load may only need to spend half that time.

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