Can You Get Food Poisoning From Pizza?

You can definitely get food poisoning from pizza, and it usually starts one or two days after eating it. Symptoms usually start soon after eating the contaminated food, but they can start anytime. If you are wondering whether you can get food poisoning from pizza, consider the following. First, you should know that it depends on several factors, including the number of bacteria in the pizza, how long the pizza has been cooked, and how the temperature was when it was served. The age of the pizza also plays a role.

Second, you should know that pizza contains gluten. This ingredient is common among Americans. It helps pizza dough rise and gives the crust a chewy texture. However, it can cause sickness in people with gluten intolerance, and it can damage the small intestine, which is responsible for proper absorption of nutrients. It’s best to wash your hands after handling raw meat, as this can spread bacteria from the crust to the rest of the body.

Third, a lot of people are concerned about whether leftover pizza is safe to eat. Some pizzas, however, are safe to reheat the next day, provided they’re cooked correctly. Remember, food poisoning symptoms begin within 30 minutes, although they can start a few hours later. The symptoms of food poisoning can last from a few hours to a couple of days, and they will vary from person to person.

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