BiharSong – The BJP’s New BiharSong

The BJP has released a new song called BiharSong, criticising the current NDA government’s performance in the state. It was written and sung by Neha Singh Rathore and mentions the state’s deteriorating law and order situation, negligence of migrant labourers, and various other issues tutflix. Congress and the RJD have also reacted to this song, using it in election campaigns. While the song mentions development, the Congress version is more critical of the NDA government’s policies ttactics.

In Bihar, folk songs are sung about everyday events. The state is home to famous singers like Chandraka Rai, Mahendar Misir, and Sukuta Das. Many of these songs relate to everyday life, religion, and rituals. Many of these songs are performed by dholaks during Hindu temple festivals

The song has been used by several political parties, including the Congress, RJD, and the Nitish government uateka. The BJP has also used the song. Their version talks about development in Bihar and mentions investments in educational institutions and startups. While the song has received positive reviews from music enthusiasts, its effectiveness in election campaigns is not yet proven.

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